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Recycling @ TNS


Every Friday, Tao Nan School has a recycling competition among all the levels. It's objective is to teach students about the importance of recycling and how we can, by recycling, make a huge positive impact on the Earth.

The rule of this competition is that each class from every level has to collect as much scrap paper ( e.g: newspapers or unwanted flyers ) to recycle every week. At the end of the term, the overall winner and level winners will be announced through a grand presentation that morning .

I for one think that.this is a good way to motivate students to participate actively in Recycling & I feel that it is good that Tao Nan is educating students at a young age about the 3Rs & how important they are to our environment.

Project green Gift

For this, we are to bring old used textbooks to school and place them at the back of our classes. That will be where members of the uniform groups will come around to collect them in the school. These used textbooks are then given to NTUC, who will distribute them to the less fortunate in Singapore. This is a good way as children who come from underpriviledged families are not pressured with the extra budget to buy their child's textbooks and can at the same time, also make use of our old textbooks.

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