th_one stop about reducing, reusing & recycling~ ^^


Recycling : Its definition
to treat or process used materials) so as to make suitable for reuse

5 Helpful Tips on Recycling

1. Start small ;

- after you are comfortable with recycling, you can then expand your sphere of influence to your family, friends. e.t.c
- every effort counts, & even a small effort is appreciated ~ ^^ 

2. Try reducing & reusing products as well ;
- this will make you more familiar with the concept of recycling.
- the proccess of recycling will be more meaningful & enjoyable.

3. Purchase objects that are made of recycled materials ;
- objects that are non-biodegradable will cause harm to the environment.
- Objects made of recycled materials are more eco-friendly.
***  - Non-biodegradable objects will be dumped in the landfills / incinerators as they cannot be disposed of properly.
       --> will result in greater land pollution.

4. Have basic knowledge about what not and what to recycle ;
- Some materials, such as our aluminium cans, can be recycled more times (again & again) , unlike other objects.
-  Some types of plastic cannot be recycled while others can.

5. Look out for recycled objects in your homes ;
- many recyclable objects are found in your own homes 
  [ e.g : toilet paper cardboard rolls, paper bags, aluminium cans, e.t.c ]
- these recyclable objects are better recycled than thrown away

- ♥ Reducing, Reusing & Recycling are good ways to stretch your creativity & at the same time, also help to save the Earth~ ^^  -